Olivenblatt – Olivenleder.de

...here is a photo showing
the entire ingredients of
our leather tanning agent
wet-green® OBE”.

Olivenleder® – platinum standard in material health.

Every effort made to reduce the damage
to man and environment caused by leather production
deserves respect.
„For us, this is not enough!”

Stefan Banaszak
Thomas Lamparter

wet-green GmbH, Reutlingen

Olivenleder is good for man and the environment

We have got the solution! A vegetable tanning agent, completely free from harmful substances, for producing beautiful, healthy leather. Any kind of leather. Proven for years. In any colour. Completely biodegradable. Rather very good.

Olivenleder means luxury

We believe that true luxury unfolds when superior craftsmanship meets responsibility. Our patented procedure has the potential to lead global leather production to a responsible future which is sustainable and healthy for man and the environment. This is exactly what we aim for.

The award of the Cradle to Cradle Certified “Gold” certificate shows that we are on the right track: The tanning agent – an extract from olive tree leaves – even reached the top standard “Platinum” in the category “Material Health”. To date, this accolade has been granted to only around 30 products throughout the world!

Olivenleder is beautiful

To avoid misunderstandings: We never aimed to make better leather. Leather from conventional production is nice and good. The unrivalled beauty of Olivenleder, however, results from the fact that it is not inferior to traditional leather despite being produced with the help of a tanning agent

  • which already exists as a by-product of Mediterranean olive harvest,
  • whose production reduces the emission of carbon dioxide as the leaves are no longer burned,
  • which poses no health hazard whatsoever,
  • which even was awarded the Dermatest seal “very good”,
  • which could be sampled without any harm,
  • which can be produced in almost any amount,
  • whose production does not harm anyone,
  • which requires neither agricultural land nor food!

Thus the focus is not on any particular property of the finished leather but on the special feeling of treating oneself to environmentally conscious behaviour!

“Olivenleder” is an anagram of “voller Ideen” (which means “full of ideas”)

  • We are so full of ideas that we can’t help but spend all day in our transparent tannery in Reutlingen, Germany, producing Olivenleder for the highest demands. Come and visit us!
  • Our certified tanneries use our tanning agents and methods to produce the finest Olivenleder.