wet-green® – the 100% biobased tanning agent

The tanning agent developed and patented by us is a vegetable concentrate based on an aqueous olive leaf extract. The same tanning active ingredients can be found in natural cosmetics as well as in extra vergine olive oil.

The tanning agent is neither corrosive nor subject to the hazardous goods regulations which entails additional clear advantages for logistics. Furthermore, the plant extract is free from metals and any chemically synthetic reactive tanning agents.

With regard to environmental and health aspects the product is completely harmless over the entire value added chain. Our tanning procedure is ideally suited to match the tanning agent! It not only ensures maximum sustainability and consideration of all ecological aspects but also allows reduction of acids, salts, syntans and dyestuffs as compared to traditional tanning methods.

In addition, waste from leather production such as leather shavings can be returned to the value added chain.

What is more, an entire step of the tanning process, the traditional “pickling”, is no longer required. The wet-green tanning of the pelts can start immediately after bating.

wet-green® OBE

As dry intermediate avoiding the actual wet-green® stage, we have developed for our partner tanneries the green crust®. Being a dry stage, green crust® enables very good storage possibilities for those who seek to ship their green crust® over long distances. The early stage green crust® in the natural non-dyed colour enables the tannery a high flexibility of product range as it allows for a wide variety of final leather articles as the characteristics of the final leather can be adjusted later during the actual crust making process.