Our motivation?

At wet-green we are aiming to produce leather that is a thoroughly healthy product, especially where it is in contact with the skin.

How does it work?

The leaves of the olive tree are bursting with health. We use a brewing process, and with the brew extract from the leaves, we create an aromatic syrup: Olive leaf extract – concentrated health!

We have taken out a patent, which covers the tanning process for leather.

And the solution?

wet-green helps companies worldwide to offer their customers healthy leather. Olivenleder – the taste of Luxtainability!

Sharing the idea?

We are happy if you share our idea and the interest in Olivenleder with us. Please contact Mr. Thomas Lamparter (Head of Sales) via cell phone +49 176 1623 0003 or simply via e-mail at thomas.lamparter@wet-green.com